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Pura Search for UK`s Best Cattery

Pura Best Cattery Award To Be Won

  • £1,000 worth of Pura cat litter
  • £100 MedicAnimal.com voucher
  • Black & Decker Dustbuster
  • 10 Mikki grooming packs each worth £23

Putting any pet into a cattery or kennel can be a traumatic event for the owner and animal alike. Pura wants to recognise the efforts of those catteries that go the extra mile to ensure that a cat's stay is pleasant and comfortable.

Regional winners will receive a prestigious award plaque to display at their premises and a £50 MedicAnimal.com voucher, with the overall winner receiving a pallet of PURA cat litter worth around £1000 plus a £100 voucher for MedicAnimal.com.

Cat owners making the best nominations stand to win a Black & Decker Dustbuster® vacuum cleaner specifically created for pet hair worth £60 and a £5 MedicAnimal.com voucher, with 10 runners' up prizes of Mikki cat grooming packs each worth over £23.

Accommodation that is clean and attractive with meticulous attention to hygiene and disease control is a given. As are wholesome food, fresh drinking water and good quality litter. We will be looking beyond frills such as carpets that appeal more to owners than their cats.

What cats really enjoy are clean, warm bedding in a pen equipped with climbing areas, hideaways, toys and a scratching post, with exposure to fresh air and an interesting view to avoid boredom. A calm atmosphere and a well-ordered routine are vital - some catteries offer soothing music. Many owners travel long distances to board their cat at superior catteries and often booking their pet's holiday up to a year in advance to secure a place at a preferred accommodation.

To enter cat owners should nominate their favourite cattery giving reasons for by downloading this form and returning it to puracats@ashapura.com.

Pura Best Cattery Awards 2009

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Mikki The Mikki grooming pack consist of the Deluxe Flea Comb (srp £5.79), Ball Pin Slicker for Sense (£3.99), Cat & Kitten Shampoo £200ml (£2.59), Coat Scissors for small and medium pets (£5.79), Nail Clippers (£5.19) worth a total of £23.35. Mikki products are available from Pets at Home and all good pet shops. www.petsathome.com

is a socially responsible online pet health and medicine store offering pet owners savings up to 60% on over 2,500 animal products including prescription and non-prescription pet medicines, pet food and other pet supplies. MedicAnimal.com supply exactly the same animal products that are available veterinarians and pharmacies but at significant savings and delivered to your door. 5% of all MedicAnimal.com's profits are donated to non-profit animal charities across Europe. www.MedicAnimal.com

Black and Decker The 9.6v Cyclonic Action Dustbuster® is specifically created for pet hair and animal mess. It features a rubber beater within the turbo brush, which prevents clogging and keeps the motor running at full capacity, ensuring no traces of fur are left. www.blackanddecker.co.uk

Brand new to the market is the Mikki MoultMaster. Designed to save energy time and energy, the Mikki MoultMaster guarantees to reduce the amount of time spent grooming out dead hair whilst using less effort! Moulting is inevitable when it comes to pets so make grooming undercoats a less enduring chore and a more enjoyable one using the Mikki MoultMaster. Perfect for any pets coats other than wool, the Mikki MoultMaster shedding tool promises to tackle even the toughest of undercoats. Use the Mikki MoultMaster as part of your monthly deep grooming routine to keep dead hair at bay and under control even before knots develop.

Use the Mikki MoultMaster as part of your grooming regime as a 'pamper product'.

If you're not sure where to start then Mikki has all the answers with the 5 steps you need to take your loved one from scruffy scamp to pampered pup.

Stage 1 : General Health Check

The first step is to check your dog from top to bottom checking their ears, eyes, nose, coat and nails. This is the part where you should make sure there are no irregular lumps or bumps on their bodies. If you find any fleas or ticks it would be a good time to use a Mikki Tick Picker to remove them, this product will do it perfectly. It's also a good time to break out your Mikki Flea Comb, which come in different sizes to cater for all breeds of dog.

Stage 2 : Grooming Out

Grooming out is necessary to remove knots and tangles, especially before using the Mikki MoultMaster however if the dog is smooth coated, gentle grooming products such as the Mikki Cotton or Rubber Grooming Glove come in handy allowing you to gently stroke your dog down whilst spending some quality time pampering them. For long or double-coated breeds, any undercoat and moulting issues should be dealt with, a Mikki Slicker Brush or Undercoat Rake would be perfect for this job. You also need to eliminate any big knots or tangles at this stage; this could be done using the Mikki Comb. If you come across more stubborn knots a Mikki Matt Breaker or Matt Splitter might be best used.

Stage 3 : Bathing and Drying

Bath time! Lather up and shampoo your dog using a product designed specifically for their coat or skin type. This is where Mikki shines, boasting an extensive range that covers everything from gentle puppy and kitten shampoos to colour enhancing and sensitive skin shampoos. When bath time is over make sure you dry your dogs coat thoroughly by blow drying on a low heat with a Mikki Slicker Brush or leaving to stand dry. The Mikki MoultMaster is a lot more effective on a clean and dry coat.

Stage 4 : Cut and Finish

Use the Mikki MoultMaster to remove the loose dead undercoat to ensure a polished finish on double coated and short haired breeds or use the Mikki Stripping Knife for coarse or wiry coats. Alternatively we have a good range of the Mikki Scissors perfect for trimming down and tidying up to follow the style or 'design' for your specific breed of dog.
Help them to smell good as well as look great with Mikki deodorising and grooming spray or wipes, both will do wonders for their appearance.

Stage 5 : Nails

Dogs aren't usually the biggest fans of having their claws cut, hence the reason this exercise is often left until last! To avoid the risk of stressing or aggravating them use Mikki's Nail Clippers which have guards, ensuring you don't cut too close to the quick and with the Nail File as the final step, these can usher this process along as smoothly as possible whilst being quick and easy to use. If you're unsure of any of the steps above it's advisable to seek professional advice before proceeding.

Flea Comb Coat Scissors
Ball Pin Slicker Cat & Kitten
Nail Clipper