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Granules Cat Litter
Pura GoldenGranules - Traditional
Clumping Cat Litter
Salient Features
Keep Tray Dry
Instant Round & Hard Clumps
Processed From Finest Bentonite

Granules Size : 1mm. to 6mm (± 5%)
Bulk Density : 0.90 to 0.95gm/cc
Colour : Creamish

Bentonite Cat Litter

Available in 10L, 20L
with a wonderful Jasmine Scent

Guaranteed Slug Stopper
( Non-Poisonous / Eco Friendly )

Enjoy Nature...   the Natural Way...

A slug damaged garden is not a pretty sight. Plant Guard slug stopper is the most natural and effective way to maintain a photogenic garden without disturbing the sensitive eco-system.

It's non-poisonous, 100% natural and an effective deterrent for slugs and snails. It's also completely non-intrusive in the natural cycle of life in your garden and keeps it beautiful, inviting and perfectly in tune with the surrounding flora and fauna.

Available in 5L only

Plant Guard

Why Pura Pet Litter?

Dust Free and Trail Free

  • PURA Cat Litter controls dust due to the hardness of granules, which means no more dust clouds when pouring litter into the tray.
  • When your cat leaves the litter tray...a whole set of dusty paw marks will not follow across the room.

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Cat Litter FAQ's

What do I do if my cat has the bad habit of spraying around the house?

  • This problem is not always because the cat rejects the pet litter box. It is more an issue that requires the attention of a pet behaviour therapist. Sometimes a new cat will mark its territory or sometimes the pet litter box may be in the territory of another, stronger male cat. Such problems can best be identified and treated by a behaviour therapist.

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