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Slug Stopper
Products / Pura Cat Litter Range / Plant Guard
Plant Guard
Guaranteed Slug Stopper
( Non-Poisonous / Eco Friendly )

Enjoy Nature...   the Natural Way...

A slug damaged garden is not a pretty sight. Plant Guard slug stopper is the most nature and effective way to maintain a photogenic garden without disturbing the sensitive eco-system of our surroundings.

it's non-poisonous, 100% natural and an effective Deterrent for slugs and snails. Its completely non-intrusive in the natural cycle of life in your garden, keeping it beautiful, inviting and perfectly in tune with the flora and fauna around.

Available in 5L only

Why Pura Pet Litter?


  • PURA Cat Litter can be used as compost in your garden.
  • As PURA Cat Litter is 99% dust free there is no air pollution.
  • No trees or tree products are used in the manufacture of PURA Cat Litter.
  • PURA Cat Litter is completely biodegradable.

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Cat Litter FAQ's

My conventional cat litter isn't controlling the odor, what can I do about it?

  • Switch to Pura Cat Litter and notice how odor free the litter box gets.

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