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Cat Litter Dust Free

Quality is a way of life in Ashapura. To respond to changing needs and to remain current with modern technology, Ashapura invests regularly in Research and Development. The independent R & D division of the group is conveniently located in Mumbai, the commercial city of India.

A highly qualified research team constantly strives to improve the quality of existing products and also develop new products that meet world standards. Ashapura has introduced more than 14 types of Clumping and Non clumping products to the Pet Litter world including the first light weight material. Some of the main varieties produced are earthen colour & aroma, white cat litter, cat litter that forms amazingly flat clumps, and noodle shaped cat litter. We have also developed dust-free cat litter in various granule sizes like Fine variety of 0.25 mm to 1 mm, Ultra of 0.5 mm to 2 mm and Traditional of 1 mm to 6 mm.

In response to pet owners that prefer perfumed material, ASHAPURA has developed a wide range of perfumed cat litters like BABY POWDER, LAVENDER, APPLE, LIME, JASMINE, ROSE, and VANILLA.

In addition, our advanced R & D department is well positioned to offer 'Tailor Made Quality' cat litter that meets the individual requirements of our valued clients.