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Premium Cat Litter
Welcome Dealers / Trade Benefits

From helping you to build visibility in the international arena to building bridges with the cat breeders in your country, PURA care supports you all the way.

  • A unique logo and brand name that is easy to pronounce and remember ensures strong positioning, and enables retailers to earn profits with relative ease.
  • Market driven innovative products & merchandising ideas with hot, attractive offers that break new ground and old rules.
  • An ideal range of the world's only sun dried, all natural premium pet litter for line extension and brand replacement.
  • Development of high customer loyalty - constant programs and awareness campaigns increase perceived brand value.
  • Rigorous campaigns throughout the year in major languages (English, German & French) through leading pet and family magazines across the world.
  • Proven grass root marketing modules that cover pet owners/lovers, breeders, groomers, and vets.
  • Global promotional support - advertising, in-store displays, demonstration, online presence, freebies and more….
  • A range of quantity discounts and other benefits/facilities to the trade community.
  • Specially designed compact sample packs for ease in marketing.
  • One stop shopping - Sodium Bentonite or fullers earth, attapulgite, siliceous clay in ultra, regular or in your desired mesh.
  • Huge deposits of our own Bentonite and other clay minerals, in-house mining, processing, R & D, rigid quality control, and proximity to major sea ports all ensure consistent quality, timely delivery, and economy.
  • Value enhancing packaging - easy to use and disposable multilingual packaging in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian.
  • Packing options - In multi-wall paper bags, heavy duty plastic bags, corrugated boxes, plastic gallons in pack sizes 1kg/ltr, 5kg/ltr, 10kg/ltr, 20kg/ltr and lastly, a jumbo bag of 1 tonne for bulk transfers.
  • We believe our trade customers must be sold out, rather than over stocked. We provide a way out if any product does not move quickly.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST, due recognition and respect to trade associates. We firmly believe that developing and maintaining a strong partnership with trade partners ensures a great future for all of us.